Summer Conference

In partnership with STAR/PAL, we will working together to develop a summer leadership conference.  It will be held at University of California, San Diego. The conference will be for 10th- 12th-grade students in a three-day conference on August 9-11, 2017. The conference registration fee for each student will be charged is $150, it will include meals and living on campus.  This conference will focus on utilizing Gallops Strength Finders curriculum to develop a and fun interactive week that will help youth be better prepared to attend college. 


Program Goals and Objectives

  • To encourage the students to make healthy life choices.

  • To heighten awareness of social, political and environmental issues that impact one’s community.

  • To provide a forum where participants can address real issues facing young people in their community and provide a problem-solving process.

  • To develop leadership skills by providing opportunities to interact with local government and community leaders.

  • To promote self-respect, tolerance, diversity and positive personal insight.

  • To encourage students to establish a healthy social support network.

  • To provide students with the tools necessary to achieve a higher education.

Sample Schedule

(Presentations, workshops, and schedule are subjected to change.)


Day One: Self-Empowerment Day (health/personal Focus)

  • Strong mind - self-identity, self-esteem 

  • Strong body - Nutrition, exercise 

  • Time management - goal setting, get organized

  • Consequences of making bad choices - grades, gangs, substance abuse


Day Two: Self-Empowerment Day (College Focus)

  • Identifying your strengths - choosing a career, what do you enjoy, majors

  • CollegeAdmission Requirements - CSU, UC, Private

  • SAT/ACT - testing, scores, study, resources

  • Application process - Do's and Don'ts, personal statements

  • Additional subjects - college timeline, internships, finance college student panel, College Fair


Day Three: Self-Empowerment Day (Community Focus)

  • Letting your voice be heard - hot to address issues in your community

  • ask me anything - Law Enforcement Panel 

  • Explain your horizon - communication exercise

  • planning town hall meetings 

University of California, San Diego